ONLINE COURSE: Marketing Magic and Vital Business Principles

  • $ 169.00

Marketing Magic 


"High density training on the critical points in marketing. Really hands-on guidance, not just theory." —Jeff Wicks, QLD

Includes 11 informative videos that will show you ...

  • How to reduce your marketing costs without reducing the quality of your client.
  • How to design a step-by-step marketing strategy that will double your profits in 6 months or less.
  • How to create a complete marketing system that works automatically creating leads and sales—24 hours a day, seven days a week!
  • How to design promotion that works! Why advertising is the last form of marketing you should ever use.
  • How to get free publicity to get new clients.
  • The single most important money making function that you need to implement in your business immediately (this alone can double the size of your business and most businesses don't do this)


  • 11 Videos
  • Video Transcripts
  • Keynote Slides

Vital Business Principles



"Excellent presentation of very powerful content, lots of distinctions that are really useful. Many Thanks." —David Leviston, NSW

Includes 16 informative videos that will show you ...

  • How to analyze your business to find your most profitable product or service.
  • How to organise your business so that you are ready for expansion (this is important!)
  • How to find the non-profitable areas of your business and improve them or dump them!
  • How to build a business that works without you.
  • How to monitor and manage your business no matter where you are.
  • How to eliminate interruptions and confusions, so you and your team can get more done in less time.
  • The fast way to find out who is working for you and who is working against you (and the easy way to fix it)


  • 16 Videos
  • Video Transcripts
  • Keynote Slides

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