FREE: Rich Habits Audiobook Illustrated Companion

FREE: Rich Habits Audiobook Illustrated Companion

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You’ve heard the saying that a picture tells a thousand words. And it’s true.
I have found it easier to understand concepts when I sketch them out, so it’s 
no surprise that Rich Habits contains 72 illustration and tables.

To be sure that you don’t miss out on those illustrations, and to help you truly understand all of the concepts in the book, I’ve created this Rich Habits Audiobook Illustrated Companion.

And I asked the voice artist, to refer to each illustration as “Figure X” so that you can easily find it in this booklet.

It’s with great pleasure I present to you the Rich Habits Audiobook (available on Amazon & iTunes) and this Illustrated Companion.

With this combination, you’ll be practicing Rich Habits in no time.

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