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In the Rich Habits Academy you'll discover everything you need to get out of debt fast and create Rich Habits. You can easily review each lesson as many times as you need. This education will provide the foundation that will make you a true Rebel, well on your way to solvency.

Here's a glimpse of what we'll cover:

  • The Rich Habits - The foundation of true wealth. We'll cover all of the Rich Habits in detail and how to make them a natural habit, so once you have eliminated all of your Killer Debt, you continue to get richer and become a true Rich Rebel.

  • Debt Control - Stop the phones calls, put everything on pause and save interest and late fees

  • Debt Negotiation - Learn the Corporate Finance System works, including the Banks so you can easily tame this overwhelming financial beast and negotiation your debt down. Understanding this puts you in a position of power.

  • Tax Negotiation - Much like the Corporate Finance System, understanding the Tax System puts you in a position of power to negotiate your debt and eliminate all penalty interest and fees.

  • Protection - Learn how to protect your money and income so you can negotiate while standing on solid ground.

  • Increase Your Income - Discover the 5 simple and effective ways to immediately increase your income, speeding up your journey to solvency.

The Rich Habits have never failed when implemented

I promise you this information and coaching program will work for you. 

You will be able to get rid of your Killer Debt, develop Rich Habits so you continue to prosper and never fall into the debt trap again.
Check out the content and see for yourself.
The Rich Habits have never failed when implemented that's why I give you a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Ben's Feedback

It was the worst place to be at age 41. I had $175,000 owing in credit card debt (across 8 different credit cards) and $150,000 in tax owed. I had no assets or job.
Within one month of adopting the strategies that Tony and I implemented (Rich Habits), I had saved $5,300 a month in debt repayments. I started to negotiate with my creditors to settle my debt for a fraction of the total owed and start to allocate for the very first time to invest and prepare my solvency fund.
It was the first time in years that I felt the weight of stress lift from my shoulders and I knew that financial security could be achieved in a very short time.
I consider Tony Melvin to be the “Millionaire Whisperer” for the skills he advances.

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